“I felt great sorrow that such a catastrophe occurred in the 21st century. ” – said on polish Radio Dwójka Felicja Lamprecht, art conservator, copyist and painter working on the restoration of the Notre-Dame Cathedral.

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Interview with DD TVN after Notre Dame conflagration.

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Episode of ” Kierunek Zachód ” programme about the life of Polish emigration.

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Visiting the rebuilt Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris in a few years, some tourists may experience a shock. This is because the restoration work will make the interior of the temple much brighter and more colorful than before the fire. This was explained in an interview with RMF FM correspondent Marek Gladysz by Polish conservator Felicja Lamprecht, who is working on the restoration of the Paris temple.

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Interview with Felicja Lamprecht during Venice International Art Fair in April 2023 organized by Itsliquid group.

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The Outstandig Pole Gala at Polish Embassy in Paris 2022.
Felicja Lamprecht received a distinction in the category of a Young Pole.

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Episode of ” Jestem z Polski ” programme about work and life of Polish emigration.

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Interview with Interia Tygodnik after Notre Dame conflagration.

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